1% For the Planet + Our Commitment to The Cumberland Forest

1% For the Planet + Our Commitment to The Cumberland Forest

Since the inception of Harmonic Arts in 2009, our dream has been to support the health of individuals and the environment. We see it as our responsibility to find creative ways to “be the change we want to see in the world”.

Inspired by the actions of the Cumberland Community Forest Society, we’ve found a number of ways to support their work in our hometown. The organization works to buy back biodiverse forest lands that are scheduled to be logged, preserving important wildlife habitat as well as hiking and biking trails enjoyed by the community. Between 2013-2016, Harmonic Arts contributed to many community events- raising close to $10,000 in donations from our artisan tea blend sales, and the bi-annual non-profit Vancouver Island Herb Gathering we help organize.

Eager to do even more in 2017, we committed to giving profits from all of our tea blends to the forest initiative in a campaign we called #teafortrees. This allowed us to raise an additional $10,000 in 2017. Thrilled with these results, Harmonic Arts is hoping to have an even bigger impact with our #teafortrees campaign in 2018, with a goal of raising $15,000!

When you enjoy any of the Harmonic Arts Artisan Tea Blends, or Elixir Blends, 1% of sales goes to support The Cumberland Forest.  Our tea blends have been uniquely crafted for taste and health benefits, using only the highest quality herbs, while drawing inspiration from our sweet little mountain town with a big love for nature.

You can purchase the mug in the photo here - all proceeds go to support CCFS.

To further support this effort, please share our Teas and Elixirs with your community, let us know your experience with a testimonial on our website, or use the hashtag #harmoniclife to share on social media.

To contribute direct donations to the Cumberland Forest, visit http://www.cumberlandforest.com/

Learn more about 1% For the Planet, and how businesses across the world are supporting environmental efforts.

Botanical Blessings from all of us at Harmonic Arts!

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