Explore Our New Website

Explore Our New Website


The new and improved Harmonicarts.ca is ready to discover! We've heard your feedback, and have made major improvements to ensure your shopping experience is both easy and intuitive.

The new website features:
  • Predictive product search functionality
  • Clear and informative categories and product descriptions
  • A streamlined shopping cart experience.

We will be sending out invites to all of our current account holders so you can register your new account. All your info is being transferred to the new site, but we are unable to access/transfer passwords for your security. For this reason, each user will need to re-register with your email address and choose a password to verify your account. 
Once all of our content has been migrated, we will send account invites, but if you would like to access your account sooner, you can REGISTER as a new customer, but with your same email you logged in with previously. Any information that has been migrated by the time you register (such as order history etc) will appear on your new account. See below for details..

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