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Due to winter weather conditions in BC there may be potential shipping delays.
Due to winter weather conditions in BC there may be potential shipping delays.
Pine Pollen for Men's Health

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Pine Pollen for Men's Health

As we step into summer, the budding earth reminds us to tend to our inner gardens. June is Pine Pollen harvest season and Men’s Health Month. Now is a great time to nurture and fortify men’s health and masculine energy.

Most of us have encountered the sticky, yellow dust of Pine Pollen blanketing our cars in the springtime. This abundant golden dust is one of nature’s most potent adaptogens, superfoods and hormone-supportive herbs! 

While Pine Pollen is a lesser-known adaptogen in western herbalism, it has roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that date back over 2,000 years to the Tang Dynasty. In TCM, Pine Pollen was believed to be a Jing-enhancing tonic, increasing life force or vital essence. The pollen from ancient Pine trees was revered as a tonic herb, used regularly to maintain balance within multiple bodily systems. 

So, what exactly is Pine Pollen? Pollen is a form of seed that contains the building blocks to create new plant life. Simply put, Pine Pollen is a tiny package filled with all the fundamental nutrients and hormones needed to grow a mighty pine, and nurture its surrounding ecosystem.

Pine Pollen is cherished as a rare gift from nature’s apothecary, especially with regard to men’s health. While its benefits are plentiful, here are 4 medicinal uses for Pine Pollen: 

Hormonal Balance & Libido: 

Pine Pollen is one of the few substances in nature that contains a wide spectrum of bio-identical hormones and phyto-androgens. Pine Pollen stimulates measurable hormone production, helping to balance testosterone, androgens and estrogen. Pine Pollen is especially beneficial to both male and female hormone cycles as we age. The presence of arginine in Pine Pollen rejuvenates the endocrine system, boosts libido and increases fertility.


Pine Pollen is one of the most nutritionally-rich superfoods on the planet! It contains over 200 bioactive nutrients, over 20 amino acids and all 8 essential amino acids, making it a nutrient-dense powerhouse and complete protein. This herbal ally has healing benefits for anyone recovering from nutritional deficiencies. 


Balanced hormones create ideal conditions for a healthy liver. Beyond Pine Pollen’s hormone-supportive abilities, this golden dust is also rich in antioxidants that reverse damage from free radicals and rejuvenate the liver. The presence of an antioxidant called glutathione helps to tone and fortify the liver, enhance bile secretion and reduce overall oxidative stress. 

Stress Support: 

This potent, playful adaptogen helps to restore balance after periods of extreme stress or burnout and adapts to the unique conditions present in each individual. Pine Pollen stimulates dopamine levels and makes a bountiful plant ally for those seeking stress relief and an energy boost.

How to Use Pine Pollen: 

Pine Pollen can be consumed as a powder or tincture. The powder tastes great in smoothies or added to your morning coffee.  If you’re experiencing severe stress, burnout, or nutritional deficiencies, we recommend adding Pine Pollen to your daily routine with our Pine Pollen Tincture


What’s your experience been with Pine Pollen? Comment below!

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