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  • 'Shroom School: The Mushroom Life Cycle
    April 27, 2022

    'Shroom School: The Mushroom Life Cycle

    Functional mushrooms are quickly becoming popular for their vast array of therapeutic benefits. Learn the different stages of the mushroom life cycle and how to benefit from their medicinal compounds. 
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  • Gut Healing Mushroom Miso
    March 1, 2022

    Gut Healing Mushroom Miso

    Spring is an ideal time to prepare our digestive system for summer. Sipping nourishing miso soups and broths this time of year is an easy way to fortify your inner terrain.

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  • Heart-Opening 5 Mushroom Truffles
    February 7, 2022

    Heart-Opening 5 Mushroom Truffles

    These rich, heart-nourishing vegan truffles are easy to prep and feature our popular 5 Mushroom Chocolate Elixir. Brimming with energizing heirloom Cacao and immune-fortifying mushrooms, this delicious treat optimizes overall health and clarity. 
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  • Blending the World's Top Mushrooms
    October 11, 2021

    Blending the World's Top Mushrooms

    Medicinal mushrooms are invaluable health keepers and offer adaptogenic benefits to fortify whole-body harmony and immunity. Unfamiliar with these fungi health keepers? Let’s take a quick glimpse at their histories and benefits!
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  • A Guide To Lion's Mane (Hericium Erinaceus)
    August 4, 2021

    A Guide To Lion's Mane (Hericium Erinaceus)

    In recent years Lion’s Mane has become one of the most popular medicinal mushrooms, specifically for its nerve regeneration and nootropic qualities. Traditionally, it was eaten to reduce inflammation in the digestive system, and cool gastrointestinal ulcers. 
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  • Cacao & Mushrooms for Optimal Heart Health
    February 15, 2021

    Cacao & Mushrooms for Optimal Heart Health

    Keeping our ‘tickers’ in good shape, physically and emotionally, is key to living a long, vital life. Working with heart-supportive herbs not only boosts cardiovascular health, but can help us feel emotionally centred and grounded.
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  • 5 Mushroom Chanterelle Soup
    September 29, 2020

    5 Mushroom Chanterelle Soup

    Of all wild mushrooms, golden chanterelles are some of the most prized foraging finds! This creamy, immune-boosting vegan soup features our 5 Mushroom Powder and is packed with immune-boosting functional mushrooms. 

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