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The Breakfast Jam Jar

Weekday mornings can be pretty hectic; dragging yourself out of bed, getting ready for work, dogs to feed, kids and traffic- trying to fit in a nutritious breakfast can at times  seem downright impossible!

Enter this little savior: The Breakfast Jam Jar.

A breakfast jam jar takes 5 minutes to prepare and is an easy way to start your day off with an abundance of nutrients, fibre and energy. By preparing the jar the night before the oats will be more easily digested and allow for better absorption. This recipe is my Harmonic Arts inspired version of a jam jar- the majority of these ingredients are available on our website or in store.  You can be as creative and picky as you like with this – use your imagination!

Here  are a few of the many nutrients and benefits packed into this particular breakfast jar:

Magnesium, Fibre,  Manganese, Protein, Omega 3 and 6, Antioxidants, Iodine, Trace minerals and B Vitamins



3/4 Cup organic whole rolled oats

1/2 Cup milk or milk alternative (I used almond milk)ingredients


Hemp hearts


Sea Veg Blend



Activate superfood blend

Flax seed

Chia seed

Raw honey



Coconut shavings

Cacao nibs (I ran out and used chocolate chips!)




Place oats in first and then add other ingredients as you please.

You can add bananas and/or fruit to the top.

Pour almond milk into the jam jar.

Close lid.

Place in fridge.



In the morning amidst the hectic hustle just grab and go!

It’s easy, tastes like a (guilt free) dessert and is incredibly  filling.  Enjoy!





This delicious and fun recipe is brought to you by Harmonic Arts team member Kelsey, who is a  Holistic Nutritionist inspired by West Coast living, meeting her farmer, playing with her food and getting outside.

7 Foundations of Winter Happiness

As winter approaches, it is a time when it can really sink in for some of us that we have a long, dark winter ahead. It is the part of the yearly cycle in which dreams are incubated, ideas are created, and shadow work is cultivated.

20150923_100932This for some may feel daunting and scary, as it often involves facing challenging emotions. It’s been given various titles such as Depression, Seasonal Affective Disorder, and even been alluded to levels of madness. Remember that if such times sweep over you during this winter, these feelings are the counter companions of contentment, serenity, and even joy. They truly are two sides of the same coin and embracing  emotions keeps us open to experiencing life in its entirety.

In understanding the challenges of the darker days, I offer a structure of ways in which you can fully support yourself in your darkness to maintain the sweetness of these times and remain available to the opportunities to strengthen your self. Below are my seven key strategies to creating a foundation in winter happiness:

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