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Medicinal Mushrooms

The healing powers of medicinal mushrooms have been revered for centuries. So strong are the claims and legends that studies in dozens of countries around the world have been done, helping verify and understand how and why they have such a profound effect on health. One of the main active components of many medicinal mushrooms seems to be their high concentration of Beta-Glucans.  Beta-Glucans are an intricate weaving of long chain branched polysaccharides wrapped around a protein core. One school of thought believes that these work like a holographic light transmitter, sending signals through the body that tune it to the natural flow and balance. Scientists though aren’t completely sure how they work. As the complexes seem too large to be absorbed fully intact and other smaller chemical structures formed in them may play key roles in there function. One thing that is agreed upon though is that the benefits of consuming medicinal mushrooms increases the longer they are included in a regular regime. Studies have demonstrated that the some mushrooms may have intelligence all their own, showing signs of memory, logic, restraint and moderation in the presence of a food supply. On a forest floor, they break down a complex bio-diversity into base nutrients for new life to grow, while maintaining strong defenses and adapting to some of the toughest pathogens on the planet. This capacity to adapt is where they can lend us their light, enhancing our energy, strengthening our immune function, regenerating major organ and body system, as well as support with our stressful daily environments. Medicinal Mushrooms have been used in preventative and complementary treatment strategy’s for many of the toughest disease and disorders of our time. In short, the regular use of medicinal mushrooms can help ground and center the mind, body and spirit, enhancing awareness, focus, stamina, attentiveness, energy and of course, longevity.

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