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Closing of the Veils – Giving Thanks to the Natural World

Join Herbalist Yarrow Willard as he explores a few ways in which we can deepen our Kin-ection and offer our thanks for all the abundance we have received in the year.

At Winters Door we have an opportunity to honour the Death/Hibernation process within ourselves and the world around us.  In doing so, we create space to for new life to flow through us once more.
In this Video the Herbal Jedi shares a variety of ways to do this, and why it is important.

Plus a few herbal gems and bits of knowledge along the way.

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Creating a Winter Nature Shrine

In the cold months of the year it can be hard to get enough time connecting to the natural world.

That’s a big part of why bringing in a christmas tree and winter wreath into the home became a tradition in the northern climate. Not only do ever green plants look nice and help us connect with the outside world, they also contain many valuable volatile oils that can deepen our breathing, waken our senses and protect us from getting sick.

Our challenge to you this winter is to get out and find some nature in your local area to build yourself a winter shrine with.

There are many ways you can do this. This Nature Shrine video example is just one of many. Making evergreen wreaths, plant bundles, flower arrangements, or any type of fresh pant decor/art are also great ways to bring these elements into the home during the cold season.

We would love to hear from you , how you like to bring Nature into your life during the Winter Months….

Comment Below or share a photo with us.

Seasonal  Blessings and Winter Abundance,

~Yarrow and The Harmonic Arts team~



Getting Comfy with Comfrey

Comfy with ComfreyJoin Harmonic Arts Herbalist and co-founder Yarrow Willard in exploring the multitude of benefits that Comfrey has to offer.

In these Video Blogs he covers, identification, harvesting techniques, propagation, permaculture uses, health benefits,, precautions, processing, herbal pharmacy and much more…

Read more bellow to find out more about how to use this invaluable plant ally….

Hope you enjoy these Videos, please comment, like and/or subscribe to Our youtube channel. We love hearing feedback and have lots more to share about Herbs and Plant Medicine.

Making Herbal Elixirs (2 Part Video Series)

Making Herbal Elixirs harmonic arts

There is nothing like a tasty hot beverage to nourish our mind, body and spirit. When we combine the healing powers of tonic herbs with the nutrition of superfoods, the possibilities are infinite. Join Herbal Jedi Yarrow Willard in learning how to craft a delicious and health supporting tonic herbal elixir drinks.

Harmonic Arts HQ – A Look Inside

harmonic arts hq a look inside fb

Have you ever wondered what it’s like inside of Harmonic Arts Botanical Dispensary? Come inside and let us show you around! See the people, the products, the work (and play!), the process and everything else that goes into what we do.

If you’re ever in the area and would like to check out our retail location you’re always welcome during our business hours.

We’re located in Courtenay, B.C. on Vancouver Island in Canada. Find us here.

How to Make Your Own Winter Wreaths for Health and Protection

Adopted as a symbol of christmas, the origin of the winter wreath have a rich history in many Northern cultures. Evergreen wreaths traditionally were considered to be protective against dark forces and inviting to light ones during the darkest part of the year.

Inviting nature into the home as a reminder of life when most everything else is sleeping for the winter. As a way to bring merriment and festivity during the dark times, they were traditionally used in celebrating the re-birth of the sun at solstice.

The evergreen branches from trees have much benefit to our health as well. Helpful for cleaning the air and strengthening the lungs, most evergreen needles contain a wide variety of anti-microbial compounds. Ideal to have around during the times when we have lowered immunity.

For these reasons and more, making an evergreen wreath with family or friends is a great addition to your winter tradition.

Watch the video to learn how you can make your own wreath out of simple materials you can find around the house and in nature. It’s super easy!

Bonus points if you share a photo of your wreath with us on our Facebook page or Instagram. Happy wreath making!

Wild Cherry Bark Medicine Harvesting with Yarrow Willard

We all know the term Cherry Picker, because everyone loves cherries. Around hear we have birds, bugs, squirrels, racoons, bears, and humans that all compete for this trees precious fruit. So the bark of the cherry has to be flexible enough to handle all the re-distribution of weight through its season. Sometimes though the bears get a little too eager and bends a tree more then it can recover, just like the one in this video. Thats when its time for us to make use of the precious medicine bark…

This is the journey of a young #herbaljedi who loves to gorge on wild cherries and wants share the great medicine found in Cherry Bark with all those interested enough to check it out….

CherriesCherry loves to hang out near the end of the path or side of the forest. They are happy to give fruit to all that would partake. Ever looking for the opportunity to plant their seed in a nice pile of warm fertilizer. In doing so this tree has gained much territory and fame, leading to its use as a medicine also spreading to many cultures.

Traditionally Cherry bark was used for centuries by the First Nations people, Chinese and Japanese, and has been adopted into many recipes in western herbalism. It is best known for its astringent tonic and sedative qualities. Helping calm irritation and inflammation of the lungs, throat, digestive track and skin. Especially when there is a cherry like red colour to the tissues.

Burdock – upgrade your vegetable meat.

with Herbal Jedi Yarrow Willard, and GoPro Ninja Shane Philip

Are you looking for a superior vegetable? Do you want to tonify your body to be its most vital? Are you ready for a gentle cleansing ingredient for upgraded life source materials?
Then Burdock might just be the champion you’re looking for.

Turkey Tail Mushroom with Yarrow Willard

Turkey Tail

Turkey tails (Coriolus versicolor, Trametes versicolor) are one of the most abundant and potent of our west coast medicinal mushrooms. It is called Turkey tail as it has a velvety texture and alternating colour bands that resemble a turkeys tail. In China it is known as “Yun zhi”, or the “cloud mushroom”, and is traditionally famed for its cancer healing properties and anti-inflammatory properties for the liver, kindneys and arthritis. Yun zhi is said to dispel dampness, strengthen sinew and tendon and support the liver. Turkeytail contains the glucan-protein complex of Polysaccharide-K (PSK) that have immune-modulating properties. PSK has been used heavily in cancer therapy to counter-act the immune depressing action of chemotherapy. This mushroom also has very promising anti-viral properties and is currently being used for HIV, Hepatitis and other viruses.

In traditional herbalism, Turkey tail was made as a hot water extract. This is done by lightly simmering the mushroom for a number of hours. As some of the properties are also extracted with alcohol it makes a good dual extraction tincture.

Turkey Tail

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