Focus (Blend)

SKU WR-1015

Excellent for the student that needs to focus more on the task at hand, whether that task is intellectual or physical. It helps a person to see the bigger picture so they can focus on the whole, not just the parts. Focus will aid in bringing one’s center of attention to a place where they can perform the task for their highest good.


Cosmos – helps to integrate and focus thought and speech

Dill – used when a person is overwhelmed due to over-stimulation, hypersensitivity to their environment or to outer activity, sensory congestion

Nasturtium – helps balance the focus of intellectual life with inner strength of heart energy

Lady Slipper – brings higher spiritual values into one’s daily work

Shasta Daisy – helps bring all the details into a more holistic focus

Yarrow, Pink – maintains self-aware focus so one doesn’t feel the need to merge with others

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