Lighten Up (Blend)

SKU WR-1016

Lighten Up is a flower essence formula specifically designed for people who suffer from problems relating to light deprivation, such as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). It increases the ability to employ light in its many manifestations. It will help to energize, uplift, inspire and nourish one's outlook on life; while brightening their living environment (in a dark house or apartment) or because of the quantity of their energy system (energy pathways blocked or undeveloped). It is also helpful for those who are depressed, caught in negative patterns or situations, oor feel cut off in any way from their inner sources of light. This formula increases our ability to bring light into the physical and emotional bodies. It can be used personally as drops or in a bath. It can be added to a spray to 'lighten-up' an area as part of a purification ritual where the energy feels too heavy.


Borage - helps increase confidence when facing difficult circumstances and depressive behavior.

Buttercup - helps acknowledge and experience one's inner light and uniqueness; raises feelings of self-worth.

Gaillardia - protects and seals energetic leaks and tears; aligns one with the intention of healing quickly.

Indian Paintbrush - used when one feels exhausted with low vitality; difficult rousing physical forces to sustain the intensity of creative work.

Iris - produces radiant, iridescent vision and perspective when a person is weighed down by the ordinariness or dullness of the world.

Saint John's Wort - creates an illuminated consciousness, filled with spiritual contact and solar strength.

Sunflower - helps create a sun-radiant personality relating to a strong father or masculine aspect of self.

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