Strong and Beautiful (Blend)

SKU WR-1020

When a person can see their inner strength and beauty they have the power to hold their head up high and feel engaged in life. Strong and Beautiful allows one to connect with their inner strength. It also creates a feeling of protection, like being surrounded by an energetic armor, helping to reduce feelings of vulnerability.


Buttercup – ability to shine one’s inner light, giving them the strength of self-assurance

Echinacea – strengthens one’s feeling of being integrated and whole, while maintaining a strong immune system

Goldenrod – aids in a person to be able to feel both their beauty and their inner strength

Sunflower – gives one the strength to hold their head up high and allow their natural beauty to shine forth

Yarrow, Pink – helps keep an open heart that feels strong and protected

Yarrow, White – produces a shield of protection around a person

Yarrow, Yellow – gives a feeling of inner strength, allowing one to safely radiate their beauty

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