Camu Camu Tincture

SKU 7164

Made with organic cane alcohol, distilled water and Camu Camu, (Myrciaria dubia), 50% alcohol (1:5)

1ml = 30 Drops
50/100ml bottles come with dropper tops
500/1L bottles come with screw caps

More Information

Camu Camu is a bushy tree native to the riversides of the Amazonian forest. It was traditionally used as a pain reliever, to treat infections, and to promote longevity. It is one of the world’s most abundant sources of vitamin C and is rich in potassium, calcium, iron, protein and powerful phytochemicals. Since the vitamin C content decreases with maturity, the berry is collected before it fully ripens resulting in a bitter flavour. The wealth of phytonutrients in Camu Camu help boost energy levels and fight ailments by maintaining a healthy immune system. It is also known to help treat chronic fatigue syndrome, the common cold, depression, gingivitis, and headaches.

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