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Rooted in Nature Giveaway

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Dive Into Impact With Our B Corp Month Giveaway

In honor of B Corp Month, we're teaming up with Canadian Certified B Corporations who are rooted in nature and dedicated to making a positive impact on people and planet. This bundle of products is packed with all-natural ingredients and curated to elevate your wellness while putting the earth first.

Prize Includes:

  • Bundle of Plant-Powered Products from Harmonic Arts, featuring 5 Mushroom Chocolate, Feel Calm Tincture, and more
  • Superfood Honey Bundle from Drizzle Honey, including Cacao Luxe Raw Honey, Turmeric Gold Raw Honey, Honey Dipper, and more
  • Superfood Tea Bundle from Tease Wellness, featuring Self-Care Elixir and Sustainable Bamboo Tumbler
  • 15 Packages of Oh My! Gummies from Herbaland Naturals


Harmonic Arts @harmonic_arts Lion's Mane Concentrated Mushroom Powder
Tease Wellness @teasewellness
Drizze Honey Turmeric Gold @drizzle_honey
Herbaland Naturals Oh My Snacks Gummies @herbalandnaturals