Divine Feminine


Herbal Tonic Blend

Ingredients: Lotus Pollen, Maca, Goji Juice, Shatavari, White Peony, Schizandra, Brown Seaweed Extract, Ashwagandha, Ginger and Dong Quai.

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Product Description

Health and beauty start from the inside, emanating outwards. When our body is balanced and in harmony, our inner radiance shines brightly.
This blend of Tonic herbs and super foods was created to optimize hormonal health, support the healthy function of reproductive organs, and keep detoxification pathways flowing.

Suggested use: This blend can be brewed with hot water and enjoyed as is. Alternatively it can be added to smoothies, tea, elixirs, soups, yogurt, baking or any other way you find yourself inspired to work with them.

Try a teaspoon of powder, with a teaspoon of honey and coconut oil, in a blender with 10-12 oz of hot water to make a great tasting hot Tonic beverage.

Additional Information

Size: 125g-jar, 14g, 454g


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