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Healing with the Herbs of Life
By Lesley Tierra, L.Ac., Herbalist, A.H.G.

If you have been daunted by complicated, esoteric herbal books in the past, Healing with the Herbs of Life offers clear and concise explanations of how and why herbs heal. It also provides step-by-step instructions for creating your own herbal remedies, therapeutic approaches you can use at home, and easy-to-follow guidelines for gathering, preparing, purchasing, and storing herbs. Previously published as The Herbs of Life, this completely revised and updated edition synthesizes the great herbal traditions of China and India with Western herbology to form a new kind of planetary herbal.

  • · Features a new chapter on treating specific conditions, expanded chapters in Materia Medica and the energy of food, and revised chapters on living with the seasons and home therapies
  • · With new information on herbal safety and drug/herb interactions.
  • · The previous edition, The Herbs of Life, sold 45,000 copies.

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