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Healing with Whole Foods brings together authentic traditions of Asian medicine with current Western research on health and nutrition to create the most detailed sourcebook available on planning an preparing an optimal diet. This comprehensive reference work features:

    Current guidelines on nutrition basics, such as the protein/vitamin B12 group, fats and oils, sugars and sweeteners, water, salt, seaweeds, “green foods” (micro-algae and cereal grasses), calcium, oxygen, and other nutritional concerns.

    Clear discussions of the Chinese healing arts applied to physical and emotional conditions, including the Eight Principles (Six Divisions of Yin and Yang), Five Elements, and syndromes of the internal organs.

    Information on making a gentle transition from a diet based on animal products to one centered on whole grains and fresh vegetables. Over 300 hearty, purely vegetarian (vegan) recipes, as well as the healing properties of plant and animal foods.

    Sections on weight loss, heart and vascular renewal, female health, digestive problems, candida yeast infections, root canals, food combining, fasting, children, pregnancy and aging. Includes insights from Ayurvedic medicine of India.

    Detailed “Regeneration Diets” and herbal treatments for cancer, arthritis, mental illness, drug and alcohol abuse, AIDS, and other degenerative conditions. Also features a “Parasite Purge Program” tailored to specific body types.

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