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Activated Charcoal

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Made from naturally grown coconut shells.

Suggested Use

Dose varies - meant for short term use only. Consume with water.

**Not for use during pregnancy.

More Information

Our Activated Charcoal is made from naturally grown coconut shells, using a controlled carbonization and steam method. This process enhances the absorptive power of the charcoal by developing an internal network of fine pores within, making our activated charcoal 100% alkaline and highly electric with a negative ionic charge that attracts the positive ionic charges of toxins and poisons.

Activated Charcoal has been used for over 7000 years as a remedy for a variety of health issues including food poisoning, gastric and digestive issues, addictions, soft tissue ailments, toxin removal, internal cleansing and skin health. It does not absorb, but rather grabs toxins and pulls them through.

The use of activated charcoal has been controversial because too much charcoal is carcinogenic, and for that reason it is recommended that you don't use it in large quantities or on an continuous basis, but rather as a treatment for specific situations and for a limited period of time. The ideal is 2wks on, 2wks off.

Activated charcoal is great on cleanse (candida, colon or detox), take 1/2 tsp in a tiny bit of water each day through out your cleanse period.

It has a neutral taste, and can also be used as teeth cleaner/whitener (tooth powder=clay, salt, baking soda and activated charcoal).

It can be used use to treat food poisoning - that would be an example of when you would want to take larger qtys for a limited time to remove the toxins from the food poisoning. It also works great for animals! 

Please consult a health practitioner if planning to use long term, or if pregnant or suffer from any kind of intestinal obstruction.

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