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Bee Pollen - Fresh

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Wild flower harvested on Vancouver Island, BC

**Natural colour variation will occur

Suggested Use

Start with 1/2 to 1 teaspoon added to blender drinks, food or eaten on its own. To avoid allergic reactions, gradually increase to the recommended serving of 1 tablespoon per day.

More Information

Bee Pollen is the accumulation of pollens by bees from local flowering plants. It is made up of the most potent life giving chemistry that plants can create and is considered nature's most nourishing food. Bee pollen contains almost every nutrient required for human beings to thrive. It is what young bees eat and is made up of around 40% protein that is mostly in the form of ready to use amino acids.

It has a remarkable amount of rejuvenating elements that can be used to help correct many health deficiencies and imbalances. Users of bee pollen have reported improvement in endurance, vitality and longevity, weight control, recovery from chronic illnesses, allergies support, reduced cravings and addictions, increased immune support, regulated digestive system and many other powerful health improvements. 

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