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Hibiscus Flowers - Organic

SKU 7866

(Hibiscus sabdariffa)

**This product may contain peanut shell remnants

Suggested Use

Prepared as an infusion.

More Information

Hibiscus flower has been used in Ayurvedic tradition to purify the body both physically and spiritually. Grown in most tropical regions of the world, the hibiscus flower is naturally tart and comes in a variety of beautiful colours. It is high in vitamin C, and used to relieve colds and flus. Hibiscus flower also contain citric, malic, and tartaric acid, anthocyans, mucilage and pectins. The flower can be used as a natural dye and is often found in skin care products. It helps promote the healthy growth of hair and supports a clear complexion. Hibiscus may also support the proper functioning of the kidneys and the female reproductive system.

Origin - Egypt

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