Honey with Propolis, Creamed

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Wild flower harvested from Vancouver Island.  Unpasteurized, and mixed with creamed honey.

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Propolis is a bee product made of plant resins combined with the bee's own saliva and wax. The resultant product is used as a glue by the bees to hold their hives together. Traditionally, propolis has been used for a variety of things in various cultures around the world including as a sealant on wounds, to help fight infections, and it was even used in embalming by the Egyptians!

Propolis contains the polyphenols called flavonoids, which are are produced in plants as a form of protection. They’re found in many foods that have antioxidant properties and so are considered beneficial for immune support and fighting infections. Propolis has traditionally been used to treat bacteria, fungi and viruses, among other things.

The flavour of propolis is like very strong honey.

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