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Vanilla planifolia

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Vanilla is native to Mexico and is derived from Vanilla planifolia, the only orchid in the world that produces an edible fruit. The orchid blooms for one day only in which time it has to be hand pollinated -a labour intensive procedure that makes the spice among the costliest in the world. It has been used for centuries as an aromatic in candles and lotions, as well as adding flavour to a variety of different foods and beverages. Vanilla bean powder contains simple and complex sugars, essential oils, B vitamins, fiber and trace minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Its antioxidative properties help neutralize free radicals in the body and strengthen immunity. It is an effective anti-depressant and mood lifter and has tranquilizing properties that help relax the body and mind. For upgraded flavour, add vanilla powder to your favorite raw cacao recipes, homemade ice cream, smoothies and desserts.

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