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Japanese Knotweed, Invasive Plant or Wild Food and Medicine..?

Join Herbalist Yarrow Willard in looking at one of the most notoriously invasive weeds on the planet!! In this mini-intensive Yarrow shares on how this plant is actually one of the more beneficial Foods and Medicines out there and how even though we are trying to get rid of it with extreme measures everywhere, there is much benefit from learning to work with it. --------- Japanese Knotweed (Fallopia japonica) has been used in TCM for over 2000 years, and has shown to help support a huge variety of health conditions including Lyme, Cancer, Longevity, Fungal and Bacterial Infections, Skin Inflammation, Cardiovascular Disease, Neurological Conditions, Antiviral activity and more.. Get out and harvest some for food while the shoots are in season. Otherwise roots are best as Medicine in the Spring and Fall. Botanical Blessings.... 🌱😋 Subscribe: Harmonic Arts Blog: Instagram: Facebook: Pinterest: Twitter: Filming and editing by Shane Philip: Website: http://islandsoulfilms Facebook: .
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