Pine Pollen Tincture

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Made with organic cane alcohol, distilled water and Pine Pollen, (Pinus massoniana), 60% alcohol (1:4)

1ml = 30 Drops
50/100ml bottles come with dropper tops
500/1L bottles come with screw caps

More Information

Pine trees produce a high volume of pollen every spring, blanketing the ground and acting as fertilizer for all the plants in its ecosystem. We could call pine pollen a spring tonic for the forest itself.  It has been consumed as a food by many native tribes in North America for centuries and is considered one of nature’s most nutrient dense substances.  In the body it is a powerful tonic with adaptogenic properties, helping balance the androgen/estrogen ratios in the body.  Modulating endocrine and hormonal imbalances, improving immune function, and reducing inflammation.

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