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Our Mission

To share the healing power of plant medicine.

Our Story

Located on beautiful Vancouver Island BC, Harmonic Arts is a growing plant medicine company. We were founded in 2008 by Clinical Herbalists Yarrow and Angela Willard. Their passion for the medicinal power of plants inspires us to evolve our diverse botanical dispensary and develop a wide offering of unique herbal formulations.


Yarrow Willard is a Master Herbalist, and a co-visionary of Harmonic Arts. Yarrow enjoys sharing health-empowering teachings on advanced nutrition, and cultivating a deeper connection with the natural world. He strives to continually update his knowledge in the growing-edge science of natural wellness.

Angela Willard is a Clinical Herbalist with a passion for growing herbs. She loves wildcrafting, herbal consulting, and sharing her love and knowledge of plants.
Angela's contributions help Harmonic Arts grow and maintain its grassroots values. She finds balance between nurturing the Harmonic Arts' vision, and raising a young family.

Organic Matters

At Harmonic Arts, we pride ourselves in carrying organic options whenever possible. When this is not available, we choose the next most ethical, wild-harvested ingredients. Due to the nature of a global market, organic/wild harvest status may vary from lot to lot. Our facility is Certified Organic by Ecocert Canada. Products purchased from Harmonic Arts are the best of what Nature has to offer. From forest and field, you can see the quality all the way to your cup of tea or smoothie.

Our Commitment To Quality

Providing you with safe and top quality products is our daily pledge, so that you can stay healthy and happy. We stand by our QA team and will continue to ensure that our products exceed industry standards. From raw goods to finished orders, we ensure a consistent level of quality assurance. We hold a Site License for NPN (Natural Product Number) products and follow strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) protocols. All products are non-irradiated, and we provide full disclosure of ingredients.

Our Commitment To The Planet

We are proud to contribute to protecting the Cumberland Forest from logging. As part of this initiative, we donate over 1% of our Elixir and Tea profits. Located on Vancouver Island, the Cumberland forest is home to stunning biodiversity. Plants and wildlife depend on this ecosystem. Local communities enjoy the forest hiking and mountain bike trails, and heritage landmarks. Visit to learn more about the project. To date, Harmonic Arts has helped raise over $22,000 towards these efforts.

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