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Marshmallow Root - Organic

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(Althaea officinalis)

Suggested Use

1-4 ml of the tincture. 2-4 g of root prepared as an infusion in 1 cup of water.

More Information

Marshmallow is native to the salt marshes along the coast of northern Europe, but is now cultivated and naturalized in other areas of the world. It contains large amounts of mucilage and pectins, sugars, flavonoids, tannins, salt and phenolic acids. Marshmallow has soothing and absorbing properties. It is a strong anti-inflammatory and is used as a demulcent and emollient, breaking down and softening hard tissue. It aids in soothing the digestive tract for those with irritated or acidic stomachs, and coating the respiratory organs to help appease dry cough, bronchitis, or other congestion. Marshmallow is also effective on the kidneys and bladder, especially when added to a diuretic formula. It has a lubricating effect on the joints and when used topically it helps cure bruises, sprains, or muscle pain.

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