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Herbal Infusions 101: A Guide to Tea Preparation

Herbal Infusions 101: A Guide to Tea Preparation - Harmonic Arts

Giuliana Alfano |

Passed through ancient history as a key to good health, herbal tea infusions are an excellent way to nourish the body, heart and mind. Unsure of where to start? Let’s dive into Herbal Infusions 101 and explore our guide to tea preparation.

Disclaimer: We strongly advise limiting intake to one serving daily to ensure a balanced and safe experience. Please consult your healthcare practitioner before adding any new herbs to your wellness routine. 


Cultivate an Herbal Infusion Ritual

The ritual of drinking tea goes beyond the act of sipping a tasty brew. Letting go and indulging in a warm drink can be a much deeper experience. Tea preparation is an important start to this grounding ritual. Setting out your kettle and favourite tea blend signals a moment of peace and retreat from the fullness of the day.

When preparing a herbal infusion, ask yourself what your body needs. Is it nutrition, an immune boost, or simply a mindful moment? This will help you choose the best infusion method based on personal preference, wellness goals, or what herbs you are using.

There are three basic preparation methods for water-based herbal infusions: Simple, Medicinal and Solar.


Simple Infusion

This is a quick and classic way to infuse delicate herbs in boiled water. Steep for 5 minutes, or to your preferred taste. Less time will yield a milder brew while steeping for longer can strengthen the flavour and draw out more minerals and nutrients. Once steeped, strain and serve in your favourite teacup and enjoy a moment of peace.

Ideal Herbs:

Light-tasting leaves and flowers such as Chamomile, Rose or Passionflower are best for this method. Both floral and uplifting, our Dream and Clarity Artisan Teas are best suited for this type of herbal infusion.

How to Make Your Simple Infusion:

  1. Scoop 1-2 teaspoons of your Artisan Tea blend into a tea strainer, and place into a mug.
  2. Heat water and bring to a boil.
  3. Once boiled, pour water over the herbs and cover to contain any volatile oils.
  4. Steep for 3-10 minutes, depending on preference.
  5. Remove the strainer and enjoy!


Medicinal Infusion

Robust plant parts require cooking down to free up the flavour and therapeutic compounds of the herbs. A medicinal infusion is also known as a decoction. It’s best to gently simmer the herbs at a light boil for 15-20 minutes.

Ideal Herbs:

Hardier plant parts such as berries, barks, roots and functional mushrooms require a decoction or medicinal infusion. This could include Schisandra, Ashwagandha or Reishi, for example. Try this tea preparation method with our Adapt and Defense Artisan Teas.

How to Make Your Medicinal Infusion:

  1. Place 3 tablespoons of your Artisan Tea blend in a small saucepan.
  2. Cover the herbs with one liter of cold water and bring to a gentle simmer.
  3. Cover your pot with a lid and continue to simmer for 15-20 minutes.
  4. Allow it to cool while covered for 10 minutes.
  5. To sip right away, strain into a teacup and enjoy!
  6. To save for sipping over the next few days, strain into a large mason jar and seal tightly. Keep in the fridge for up to 5 days.

Solar Infusion

By harnessing the sun’s gentle warming effect, the herbs are invited to open and release their medicinal compounds over the course of a few hours. Drink your solar infusion chilled with ice or topped with sparkling water for the ultimate summer refreshment!

Ideal Herbs:

Like simple infusions, solar infusions are best suited for delicate dried herbs and flowers. This steeping method is a wonderful way to enjoy fresh medicinal herbs from the garden, like Lemon Balm or St. John’s Wort. Try this method with our Sea Breeze and Clear Flow Artisan Teas.

How to Make Your Solar Infusion:

  1. Place 2-3 tablespoons of your Artisan Tea blend in a 1 liter mason jar.
  2. Using filtered water, fill your mason jar to the brim to submerge the herbs.
  3. Seal tightly and place your jar on its side in a sunny spot.
  4. Allow the herbs to infuse for 3-5 hours, or all day.
  5. Once your herbal tea is rich in colour, strain over ice, sip and enjoy!


Discover our Artisan Tea Blends

Our thoughtfully crafted Artisan Teas are delicious, formulated by herbalists, and versatile for a variety of infusion methods. They feature compostable packaging, and they directly support forest conservation. Through our partnership with 1% for the Planet, 1% of Artisan Tea sales are donated to the Cumberland Community Forest Society.

From forest and field all the way to your teacup, we take pride in providing you with top-quality herbs to infuse your day with ritual.

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By Angela Willard, Cl.H

Angela Willard is a Clinical Herbalist and Co-Founder of Harmonic Arts. She’s passionate about growing herbs, herbal consulting, and sharing her love and knowledge of plants. Angela finds balance between nurturing Harmonic Arts' vision and raising a young family. Follow Angela on Instagram @wild_angelica and @seaweed_gardens