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Green Tea Pollen

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(Camellia sinensis pollen)

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Traditionally, pollen has been used by humans for religious purposes and often as a supplementary food by American Indian cultures in times of hardships. Green Tea Pollen has a dense nutrient profile that helps rebuild the body from the cells up, allowing for deep restorative health and optimum wellbeing. While the pollen contains the same catechins as the leaves, it also holds several vitamins and minerals, along with an abundance of amino acids. It contains fatty acids, active enzymes and B vitamins, as well as iron, zinc, calcium, copper, and magnesium. Green Tea Pollen™s rich nucleic acid content enhances liver function and helps improve its detoxification capacity, as well as other anti-aging processes throughout the body. The pollen has the smell of the tea leaf with a bitter sweet taste and can be prepared and consumed similarly to Matcha tea.