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Throat Spray

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Relieve sore throat and dry cough, and defend against pathogens with our herbal Throat Spray.

  • Soothes throat irritation and hoarseness.
  • Prevents progression of cold and flu.
  • Featuring anti-inflammatory Calendula, Propolis and Hyssop.
  • Featuring traditional brain tonics Gingko Biloba and Brahmi.

Try our Throat Spray formula at the onset of a cold, or if you’re suffering from persistent cough and throat irritation.


Made with Organic Cane Alcohol, Canadian Spring Water, Echinacea Angustifolia Root*, Hyssop*, Calendula*, Sage*, Licorice*, Fennel*, Propolis
* Organic

Recommended Dose

Use: 3-5 squirts, 2-3 times per day

50/100ml bottles come with spray tops
500ml bottles come with screw caps

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