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How to Repurpose and Dispose of our Packaging

How to Repurpose and Dispose of our Packaging - Harmonic Arts

Elizabeth Ferns |

In 2023, 83% of our packaging was either compostable or recyclable. In alignment with our core values of sustainable action and continuous improvement, we're always on the lookout for new, innovative packaging so we can increase that percentage and decrease our footprint. In the meantime, we wanted to share a guide explaining how to repurpose and dispose of our packaging.

Sustainability is holistic. As we take care of the earth, we take care of each other, and this allows each of us to live vibrantly. The cycle continues as long as we are mindful of our impact. It all starts with values. 

Harmonic Arts Company Values 

Continuous Improvement  

We seek to improve every single day, within Harmonic Arts and ourselves. We strive for progress, not perfection. This means reflecting on how to make positive changes. Over time, regular incremental improvements lead to substantial transformation. 

Listening to Understand 

We engage with the aim of true understanding, appreciation and respect of where others are coming from. We make space for all to be heard and practice patience, empathy and open-mindedness. 

Getting to the Heart of the Matter 

We find and address the core issue, reason and purpose of everything we do. Honesty, integrity, alignment and perseverance are key. 

Leaning In 

We rely on our team through trust, connection and full participation. By being present together, we’ve got this. 

Sustainable Action 

We encourage choosing actions that are sustainable for ourselves, Harmonic Arts and the planet. We focus on building blocks, not band-aids and betterment, not burnout. Every action is balanced, solid, renewable and forward-looking. 

With these values in mind, we’ve prioritized packaging that is easily recycled, composted or upcycled. 

Put the Planet First by Composting 

Currently, our Artisan Teas and Elixirs are packaged in compostable material, with a few details to keep in mind. 

Artisan Tea Blends 

Our tea packaging is made of recycled material and compostable laminate. The exterior of the pouch features 100% post-consumer recycled kraft paper. The inner lining and zipper are made from Plantcell™, a blend of materials derived from eucalyptus and cassava root. 

Remove and dispose of the stickers on both sides of the bag before adding to your home or municipal compost. 

Elixir Blends 

Our Elixirs are packaged in canisters made of compostable cardboard. 

The canister is lined with PLA (Polylactic acid) made from soy. It needs heat to break down and will do so more efficiently in a municipal compost or in a high heat vermiculture yard compost. Double check that your region accepts this kind of material in municipal compost. It will breakdown in a traditional home compost heap eventually but will take more time. 

Remove and recycle the bag inside the canister before composting. 

Our Artisan Teas and Elixir Blends are included in our partnership with 1% For the Planet. 1% of the sales of these products go directly to the Cumberland Community Forest Society to support their conservation efforts. To date, we've donated over $79,000 to CCFS. 

Repurpose and Give New Life 

With a little imagination, almost anything can be given a new purpose. Get creative and have fun finding ways to upcycle the packaging once a product is used up. Here are a few ideas for how to repurpose: 

Elixir Canisters 
  • Plant pots 
  • Piggy banks 
  • Utensil storage 
    Glass Jars 
    • Candle jars 
    • Jars for DIY self-care products like body butters, scrubs or deodorants. 
    • Snack storage 
    • Spare change storage 
      Glass Bottles 
      • Reed diffuser for your favourite essential oils 
      • DIY perfume or body oil 
      • Vase for small flowers 
      • Travel storage for hygiene products like shampoo and conditioner 

        We love this advice from Edens Garden on how to remove labels from glass jars. 

        Recycle the Rest 

        When upcycling and composting aren’t an option, you can recycle our glass or plastic packaging, including: 

        • Mushroom Capsule jars and lids (the label on this product is compostable and the foil in the lid may be recyclable) 
        • Mushroom Powder jars and lids (the foam and foil in the lid may be recyclable)
        • Tincture bottles and dropper tops (the rubber piece of the dropper top must be disposed of in the garbage) 
        • Syrup bottles and lids 
        • Elixir inner canister bags 
        • Single Herb bags (the label on this product is also recyclable)

        Quick Recycle Tips

        1. Remove labels from packaging and dispose in the garbage (unless otherwise noted). 
        2. Wash jars thoroughly before recycling. 
        3. Separate recyclable items as needed. Get acquainted with the kinds of recyclable materials that your municipal pickup service will accept. Some types of glass, plastic, foam and foil materials may need to be taken to a specific recycling depot near you. 

        Click here to read our 2023 Impact Report and learn more about how Harmonic Arts keeps sustainability at the forefront of our operations.