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Kickstart Hot Cocoa

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Kickstart Hot Cocoa

Warm up with this energizing, comforting 'latte'!  (GF, V)

1/4c. Walnuts, finely chopped or ground
2c. Hot water
1/2c. Cashews, soaked
3 tbsp. Harmonic Arts' Kickstart Elixir
1-2 tsp. Honey or maple syrup optional


  1. Place chopped or ground walnuts on plate. Using your fingers or a knife, cover rim of mugs with coconut oil or honey and dip into the chopped walnuts until the whole rim of the mugs are covered.
  2. Place soaked cashews, Kickstart Elixir, hot water and sweetener, if using, in blender. Blitz until smooth. Taste for desired sweetness.
  3. Pour into your walnut rimmed mugs and enjoy this decadent kickstart hot cocoa. Serves two.

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