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Moontime Herbal Mocktail

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Moontime Herbal Mocktail

Celebrate Women’s Health Month with this bubbly, refreshing Moontime Herbal Mocktail, featuring Moontime Tea and Female Harmony Tincture. ⁠

This mocktail features comforting hormone-supportive herbs, including Dong Quai, Motherwort and Oregon Grape. We’ve added a splash of our Ginger Syrup for a hint of spice. Lime gives it a tangy sweetness, and foraged sweet violets top it off as a dainty garnish with a pop of colour!⁠

Moontime Tea is formulated by herbalists and features comforting herbs that will sweep you off to moontime bliss!

Female Harmony Tincture eases menstrual discomfort and supports a balanced cycle.⁠

Ginger eases indigestion and inflammation, and lime aids in iron absorption.⁠

Sweet Violet relieves breast tenderness. Look for these fragrant little beauties in the early spring in moist, shady areas or in lawns. You can make simple syrup, candy them, or add them to ice cubes.⁠
Ingredients You’ll Need:⁠
1 TSP Lime Juice, plus more for garnish⁠
¼ Cup Harmonic Arts’ Moontime Tea
¼ Cup Ginger Beer (we like Fentimans or Fever-Tree)⁠
1 TBSP Harmonic Arts’ Ginger Syrup⁠
1-2 Droppers Harmonic Arts’ Female Harmony Tincture⁠
1-2 Ice Cubes⁠
Splash of Sparkling Water⁠
½-1 TSP homemade Sweet Violet simple syrup (optional - to taste)⁠
Sweet violets or edible blooms to garnish (optional - fresh, candied, or frozen in ice cubes)⁠
1. Steep 2-3g Women’s Moon tea in 500 ml hot water for 15 minutes and let cool for up to an hour, or steep overnight for a cold infusion. Strain.⁠
2. Add all ingredients (except garnishes) to a tumbler glass and gently stir. ⁠
3. Serve with lime wheel and sweet violet garnishes, or other edible flowers.⁠

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