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Cooling Herbs to Combat the Summer Heat

Cooling Herbs to Combat the Summer Heat - Harmonic Arts

Giuliana Alfano |

Traditional healing systems around the world categorize the energetic properties of herbs into hot or cold, and damp or dry. While we’re acclimatized to cooler temperatures here in Canada, the increasing summer heat often has us seeking relief. Incorporating cooling herbs into our daily routine can be an easy way to support our bodies through this season. 

Disclaimer: This blog is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice. Please consult your health care practitioner before adding any new herbs to your wellness routine.


Our Favourite Cooling Herbs


Cilantro is a garden staple often found in the traditional dishes of hot-weather regions. This herb works to gently cleanse the body by supporting the lymphatic system (1) and helps keep the body cool (2). Try adding our Cilantro Tincture to a smoothie or mocktail and sip in the summer sunshine. 


Cooling mint is a widely available plant ally that brings soothing relief from sweltering temperatures (3). Our minty fresh Sea Breeze Artisan Tea makes a cooling and uplifting iced tea on hot days. Freeze this infusion into ice cubes to add to other herbal teas or mocktails. 


Commonly used in aromatherapy and as an infusion in tea, lavender provides a cooling effect when consumed or used topically (4). Sip on this Iced Lavender Reishi Latte recipe for relief on warm summer mornings. 


According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the astringent properties of hibiscus make it ideal to clear out the damp heat of summer (5). This flower is tangy and refreshing in our Clear Flow Artisan Tea. Add a bit of honey and freeze into popsicles for a cooling treat. or popsicles. 


Chamomile is a gentle diaphoretic and helps the body release heat through sweating (6). When infused in a tea, it can be sipped or sponged over the skin once cooled to prevent overheating. Experience chamomile’s cooling and relaxing effects in our Dream Artisan Tea. 

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Keep Your Cool with Iced Artisan Teas

Not only are our Artisan Teas a great addition to your summer wellness routine, they’re also eco-friendly. Through our partnership with 1% for the Planet, 1% of every Artisan Tea sale goes directly to the Cumberland Community Forest Society to support forest conservation. Our Artisan Teas also feature compostable packaging, just be sure to remove the stickers first! Click here to shop. 

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