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Matcha Ginger Spritzer

Matcha Ginger Spritzer - Harmonic Arts

Elizabeth Ferns |

When the summer sunshine has you daydreaming about leaving work early, whip up this Matcha Ginger Spritzer for the perfect afternoon pick-me-up. Powered by our Matcha Mind Elixir and Ginger Syrup, this recipe will renew your focus and flow with uplifting herbs and a delicious burst of flavour.

This easy recipe makes 1 delicious serving.


What You’ll Need

How to Make Your Matcha Ginger Spritzer

  1. Add all ingredients except for ice to a tumbler glass. Stir to combine. 
  2. Pour over ice and garnish with edible flowers or lemon wheel. 
  3. Sip and enjoy! 


Good for You, Good for the Planet

Our Elixirs and Artisan Teas provide a tasty, convenient way to add nourishing mushrooms, herbs, and superfoods to your daily routine. Through our partnership with 1% for the Planet, 1% of Elixir and Artisan Tea sales go directly to the Cumberland Community Forest Society to support forest and habitat conservation.

Planet-Friendly Packaging

Elixirs are packaged in a compostable canister that can go right into your home or municipal compost. Some folks upcycle them as plant pots, too! The bag inside the canister is recyclable. 

Our Artisan Tea blends are carbon neutral and packaged in compostable bags, which kept the equivalent of 17,463 plastic bottles from entering the ocean last year.

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Disclaimer: We strongly advise limiting intake to one serving daily to ensure a balanced and safe experience. Please consult your healthcare practitioner before adding any new herbs to your wellness routine.

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